Cala Trebaluger / nude beaches in southern Menorca

Cala Trebaluger: remote and beautiful

Because it is so remote from the nearest car park, Cala Trebaluger can be very sparsely populated. It is also stunningly beautiful, with fine white sands and crystal-blue waters, and is backed by cliffs and pine forests.

Being so far from civilisation means of course that facilities are non-existent, and who would want it any other way? The beach is best reached via Cala Mitjana, near Cala Galdana, but it is also possible to walk from Binigaus/Santo Tomas.

Unfortunately Cala Trebaluger is a popular dropping-off point during the season for holidaymakers on boat trips from Cala Galdana and Cala en Bosch, most of whom are not there to take off their clothes. Most nudists find the nylon-clad bucket-and-spade brigade a bit off-putting, so if you want to avoid them go early or late…

Ample but distant

Early morning/late afternoon

From the main Menorca east-west highway at Ferreries, follow the signs for Cala Galdana. Just before reaching the resort of Galdana, follow the signs for Cala Mitjana parking. Mitjana is a beautiful and very popular family beach itself. From Mitjana beach, head east on foot over the cliff path following the signs for Trebaluger and Binigaus. It’s a 30-minute hike, and you’ll get your feet wet at the end when you cross the shallow river at the beach

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