Cala Macarelleta / nude beaches in southern Menorca

Cala Macarelleta: beautiful but popular

The twin coves of Macarella and Macarelleta are two of the closest ‘virgin’ beaches to the city of Ciutadella, and as a result the former can get very busy indeed. Macarella is the first beach you reach from the car park, and that’s where most family visitors will stop.

If you make the effort to follow the path around to the smaller Macarelleta cove you will be rewarded by stunning views along the journey and a charming beach nestling between cliffs and pine forest. It’s so perfect that like its larger sister it attracts many visitors in the height of summer, and clothes-wearers can sometimes outnumber the naturists, which is why we mark it down a little.

Large beach cafe/bar at Macarella, no facilities at Macarelleta

A large car park

Early morning/late afternoon

From the Ciutadella ring road (a roundabout near the Canal Salut hospital), take the Cami Son Encinar, forking left down the Cami San Juan (well signed) and then turn left (again well signed). After many miles down a winding narrow lane you will come eventually to a car park, from which it is around a 15-minute walk to Macarella, and then a further 10/15 minutes walk around the cliff to Macarelleta

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